2008 Commemorative Tile

The 2008 Commemorative Tile has been produced in limited quantities by Artist & Haycock Historical Society co-founder, Chris Handschin. It is available for purchase, priced at $20.00. The tile measures approximately 5.5 Inches square and depicts Sheard’s/Clymer’s Bridge & Mill as seen from the East Rockhill Township side, facing our Haycock Township.

The topic of covered bridges seemed a perfect fit this year, with the Perkasie celebration in April, 2008 marking the reopening of Mood’s Covered Bridge there after vandals destroyed it several years earlier.
We Pennsylvanian’s are proud of our covered bridges and Haycock residents can boast of sharing one with East Rockhill Township, Clymer/Sheard’s Mill Covered Bridge, depicted in the tile. But even more of a rare combination of historical interest is that a the beautiful, old Sheard’s Mill sits right beside it. Member, Bill Peischel recalls as a young man, hauling grain with a horse & wagon there to be ground.
Fittingly, this tile is dedicated to our friend and former member Gerard F. Deegan, who owned the Tohickon Campground and Sheard’s/Clymer’s Mill, located on the property, just over the covered bridge in East Rockhill Township.

Gerard, “Gerry” as we knew him, often praised our society for the enthusiasm we shared and wished he could have such support with his Mill preservation efforts. He realized the gem he had in Sheard’s Mill and fought long and hard to preserve it. Because of his efforts, the mill is now on the National Historic Registry. Sadly, Gerry passed away this year before he got to see his vision of a fully restored mill, (open to the public for tours), become a reality. His vision is still a long way off but we hope his family continues with this torch! We at Haycock Historical Society wish to honor his life and accomplishments with our 2008 tile.
To order your numbered tile, send your check to: Haycock Historical Society, Post Office Box 715, Quakertown, PA. 18951. You may arrange to pick up your order by calling (215) 536-0364 or emailing chandschin@verizon.net. If you prefer to have your tile mailed, include $4.00 extra for Shipping & Handling per tile.

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