2009 Commemorative Plates Are In!

Thank You

Our 2009 Plates, featuring the work of Ceramic Artist, Loretta Belac, celebrate the American Chestnut Tree which once abundantly flourished on our Eastern United States landscape. At one time, this noble tree once completely blanketing our Haycock Mountain. Learn all about the American Chestnut's near extinction and what efforts are currently under way to save the species at our spring, 2010 General Meeting.

Each plate was produced, using a single, unique genuine American Chestnut leaf, harvested from trees owned by local arborist and American Chestnut Foundation member, Tom Pugel. We have commissioned 75 of these beautiful plates, typical of Belac's, (Belacraft ) artistic style. Plates are approximately 7 3/4" in diameter and are $20.00. ( Add $4.50 for shipping and handling, to have them mailed to your friends and loved ones.) Each plate is numbered, so order early to get your low number original.

They will be available for purchase on 11/19 General Meeting and at our Kringle Christmas Shoppe, Dec. 4,5 & 6.

Orders may also be place by mailing the check and order form to our Box 715, Quakertown, PA address. Allow three weeks for delivery.

Members of Haycock Historical Society wish to publicly thank Riegelsville resident, Mr.Tom Pugel, who generously shared his knowledge of the American Chestnut tree and donated leaves from his specimens for our 2009 Commemorative Plates. Each plate required one leaf's imprint which he
enthusiastically shared for our project. Mr. Pugel, who is an active member of the American Chestnut Society, has donated $100.00 to our society. He has requested that his employer, Exxon/Mobil Corporation match his donation.

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